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Keep an eye on ebay and gumtree. I recently got a box of 120 disks along with a nice external floppy drive for £25. All the disks so far still work fine compared to my own disk that have all but died. I think storage is the key to be honest. My disks all ended up in my parents roof space and with years of cold and damp they have literally grown mold.

Another option is to get yourself a gotek drive and a usb pen. That can hold 999 floppies and its just a buttons press to swap disks. I do find though that over 10 floppies and I need to start writing down what each number corresponds to lol (part of the joy of being an aging amiga owner, its memory is fine, mine not so much).
I actually took the floppy out my newly acquired external drive and put that in the 1200. Then took my gotek and put that in the external enclosure. Just makes life so much easier!
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