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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
as i told you

do you want all the additional features aros delivers for free? i mean, an od with function extent exceeding that of os4 but requiring as much space as kickstart 1.3? is that your reasoning? according to wht you write yourself aros is already more memory efficient than os3.9 delivering more functionality. and it might be even improvesd, it is open, you know..

completely excessive.. maybe by some convoluted logic one could wrap to just to justify some prejudice one is not ready to admit.

x86 is not an "aros fork" it is the same platform and the result of the same development as amiga-m68k or arm, or x64 targets. x64 built from the same sources has smp and i cant even tell the limit of memory it can address, being 64 bit system. people run it on more than 16gb machines for what i know, even if i think it waste of power. dont you think it is extremly flexible for a system to support that wide a range of hardware from 30 years old, to fastest and biggest you can get today on consumer market?

another issue, people sometimes complain about is that aros68k boot iso is 20mb. that seems much to them. funny enogh half of it are ttf outline fonts, you can safely delete. then you are left with a system that is about a size of your 3.x distribution, whether it came on floppies or on cd.
Sorry that I called the x86 a fork. I see on Aminet i386-aros is sorted separately from AmigaOS-m68k applications, I took that to mean that AROS-x86 compiled binaries would not run on AROS-m68k. If that's not the case and any AROS compatible binary will run without recompilation under any other architecture then that's great.

If AROS-m68k applications run just fine on AmigaOS 3.x then that's great too, I only know of AFA-OS, which I assume isn't binary compatible.

But my point is if people really like AROS then why mess about with running it on an M68k Amiga anyway, why not run it on the platform where people don't need to argue about a few or dozens of MBs here or there.

Saying if you want to run whatever AROS-i386 application on your 040 Amiga, compile with make target-m68k, that's not practical for most users, they aren't going to mess about with that. That's vastly overestimating the amount of effort casual users are going to but towards their hobby OS. Many people don't have a problem with it.
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