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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Avail works just fine under OS4 too, but the results may be different to what you might expect because the memory allocation strategy is different to that of OS3. "Slab" allocation means that large chunks of RAM aren't returned to the free memory list until actually needed - kind of like how libraries aren't immediately flushed by OS3, but on a larger scale. IIRC the Avail Flush argument doesn't do anything on OS4 for this reason.
im pretty certain avail works the same way on aros as on aos. for what i know aros uses on amiga the same traditional memory mechanism for compatibility reasons. tlsf is available but off by default. you can check if aros version of avail is working the same as the os3 one running them side by side on an aros system if you want.

OS4's high initial usage might be a combination of several things - Picasso96, the USB stack and various other modules that would be loaded later during a full boot on OS3 are a part of Kickstart under OS4, so are loaded and running before the startup-sequence is executed. Two 68k emulators are also loaded at this stage stage. And by default there are heaps of drivers loaded into RAM as part of Kickstart that aren't necessarily required - various PCI storage drivers, graphics card drivers and so on. And the slab allocation system mentioned above tends to cache objects, not releasing the RAM until you're running out. So you might find that if you get your free RAM down to a few MB, you can still allocate larger chunks than you think as some of the cached objects are expunged.
aros provides the same if not wider infrastructure as os4 already in its kickstart. extended massstorage (ata), usb, rtg system (cybergraphics), im not sure if pci is enabled, as it isnt working yet with 68k dedicated hardware bridges and so on.. so i dont think this is a valid excuse for ten times higher memory footprint. especially loading everything on early startup, if this is really the case seems to be a wrong strategy..

edit: btw, you can look into this makefile to consult what aros roms content actually is:

and i can post you a boot log, either from x86 hosted, uae or one of my amigas, where you can see whats being initialized.

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