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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
ok. just tested. loading kickstart from 1mb image, not soft kicking and mapping it to ram, obviously, aros is booting without the s-s with an 68020 and 1 mb chip ram. according to avail there is some 94 kb memory left free.

no. os4 needs those 70mb+ to boot to workbench. you can search up the countless threads all over the forums, about how to reduce this footprint. there is apparently no way. it is already the optimized limit, otherwise its over 80mb.

aros boots to wanderer with under 7mb ram altogether. im not checking that now, if i could reduce it without backgrounds or something.. seriously, everybody who wants has today some 4 ot 8 mb minimum.

yeah. for some curious reason. avail works under aros just fine.
I booted OS4.1 no S-S on the CSPPC and avail said something like 135MB total and 105MB free. So 30 megs to boot to no S-S, that's a lot more than I was expecting. So how about we say percentage of RAM to boot versus what's likely configured in the system. OS4.1 I assume the standard configuration is something like 512MB, so 70MB is 13%. I don't count OS4.1 on CSPPC as the standard target system of OS 4.1.

Compare away how much RAM is used booting WB1.3 in a base A500.
In my OS3.9 machines it's about 10MB with ClassicWB and lets guess that standard configuration is 128MB, so 7%. But others would say no that's crap, standard configuration is 16MB+2MB Chip, which would say 62% of all RAM used just to boot.

So AROS' memory consumption is either completely excessive or pretty reasonable, depending on how you look at it. I assume the standard fork of AROS is x86 which would be what, something like 2GB of RAM for 32-bit?
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