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Originally Posted by AnimaInCorpore View Post
Well, AFAIK the Amiga has no real graphics resolution which supports 70 Hz so your claim isn't true.
Please define "real graphics resolution" , be aware that Amiga can display on OCS anything from 15Hz up (assume 1024 limit) and on ECS from 7.5Hz up (and stilll this is not HW limit) side to this ST is unable to be flexible as Amiga (not possible to build something like A2024 for ST).

OCS Amiga 70Hz can use around 200 lines vertical resolution and ECS can display same graphics format as ST (640x400@70Hz).
Btw nowadays such discussion is meaningless for progressive screens (LCD, PDP, OLED etc).

Originally Posted by ross View Post
Well, not in a vanilla machine (it's slow like hell ).
But someone with accelerator or A3000 used it (with low bitplane).
Not single bitplane (i.e. ST mode)
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