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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Oops, -datapath means put all the config/whatever stuff there..

What do you mean by default path? Where should it appear? When opening disk image selection dialog?
I found a solution that works fine, but I'll explain:

I have a system where my "AMIGA Emulator" and "AMIGA Software" folders (which are on the same level hierarchically) can each be deleted and reinstalled from a ZIP depository elsewhere on my HDD, to restore the contents to their original state after a lot of use creating temporary files or unwanted changes, for example.

Well, every time I "reset" the emulator folder (WinUAE) it would default to that folder and I'd have to change it manually. I wanted it to go to the software folder instead.

However, I've discovered a neat Windows way of simply going to the software folder from the emulator folder by using the path editor in the Windows file selector that comes up when you want to insert a disk in Quickstart. In the path editor, clicking on the little right arrow before "AMIGA Emulator" brings up the list of the folders on that level, and I can select "AMIGA Software" quickly and easily. I've used Windows 7 for years and I've only recently discovered this trick.

Anyway, I've found a good solution and it works. Thanks, anyway!
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