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Zany Golf and World Class Leader Board Golf - WHDLoad problems

Hello all!

Yesterday I received two original games but unfortunately they didn't work.
As I always do in these cases, I replaced the magnetic disks and I wrote on the floppies the original "images" of the games.

I used my kryoflux to write the ipf file of Zany Golf on the original disk and since I haven't found the ipf file of World Class Leader Board Golf I used for it an adf without cracktro.

Now both disks seems to work when loaded from floppy but they give me problems with WHDLoad.

1) Zany Golf
The WHDLoad installer seems to have an error, I had to delete the last ")" in order to successfully start it but at the end of the installation I received an error about the "sigfile" file. The error said that the file wasn't readable so I marked the "Read" flag of the file but now I receive a "block read error". I tried with more than one floppy and also on e-uae using directly the ipf file without success.

2) World Class Leader Board Golf
The installation finishes without errors but I can't load any courses. I just have an empty directory. I've tried the "already installed" package found on Internet with the same result. If I try to browse the directories "c1" and "c2" I receive error messages like "fatal exception" or "guru".

I am using an A1200 with OS 3.9 and a Blizzard 1260/66. My filesystem is pfs3, maybe World Class Leader Board Golf isn't able to read files on that filesystem? And what about Zany Golf? Could someone test the installer and the ipf file on their system and let me know?

Thanks for your help!

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