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True, I understand and agree on that point, which I assume is the "beta" part. I may have misunderstood the other part. Is Amiga Forever to be used for native development and reconstruction/liberation/porting of parts of the AmigaOS code base, as a common development environment? I am trying to follow the thread but got stuck in digressions about compilers and all.

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Simply put, would you trust your car keys to a complete stranger? Or would you let them sleep in your house?

I know some people would, but others are a bit more careful. As far as I can see on this moment, we mostly need to build trust. Maybe Mike Batillana is stalling, I can't know for sure at this time. But it at least doesn't hurt to go through a few hoops as long as this only costs time for some of us and not a leg or an arm. We are waiting for 20 years or something like that? Depending on when your hope gave out when the successors failed to deliver anything one after the other. So a few weeks to a few months can't be a to big problem.
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