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If the capacitors rot i will replace them
If all amigas disappear I'll preach on

I will NEVER use DPaint on a lameulato. It feels wrong, the MOUSE is ODD. Do try it and tell me if you can replace it with an emulator. Like unknown said, it's like playing centipede with bloody cursor keys.

So if my Amiga dies and I can't replace it, I'll never be able to use DPaint again :/ Nor play any games. Once my C128 died. I never played on the lameulator until I bought myself a Commodore again. I just agve up the emu shit years ago.

I do have some emus on my iBook, so I can play some games on the go, but the moment I have to start fiddling up with an emu, or the moment it gives out some glitches, I throw it to the bin. I used to run all the bloody Picasso96 shit from the commandline and stuff, had many configs in batch files... I can't be arsed to do that anymore. Because once I wnet back to my amiga again, I understood everything, the LIGHT enlightened me

(I expect Bloodwych to appear here )
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