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I love my 030 Amiga as much and I can use it for the net and all, but I'd like MUI not to be so shite. Most apps that use it (for example, the wonderful YAM) crash ferociously, all times because of MUI's fault.

An 060 is not reasonable if I own a 600Mhz G3 iBook. I really don't _need_ it, I'm not that maniac about " I have to use Amiga and nothing else", thoiugh I DO want to get rid of the PC and switch to a G5

MUI is not important to me. Just made coders lazy enough not to care about coding their GUI system because MUI already handled it for them. If they made their own optimized routines, it would be much better. MUI is as bad as open source libraries (ie they boast people's laziness)

Yeah, discuss :P
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