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Originally posted by manicx
Runty! AP was the runtiest piece of journalism ever. No surprises that it was among the first magazines to go down. Nothing compared to CU or AmigaActive. The former was the Amiga flag in the past, the later the Amiga flag in late 90s early 00s... End of story (hey I like that, it reminds me a bit the AP attitude, we say it is the best, and f*ck what the others say)...
Incidentally (Great place that Cidentally - Ed.) this post reminds me to admonish you for a gargantuam display of hypocrisy ON YOUR PART. Before you scold others for using "expressions to attack people" (as cited in another post) perhaps you'd care to clarify what on the Earth of Earth "runty" actually means?

It's clear others have ignored it PURPOSELY for fear of displaying their ignorance, but in light of your "at least I haven't said anything bad about anybody" defence, I'd like to hear what it means.

It certainly sounds rude.

I leave you with these thoughts:

"I am an administrator myself in a community with 1200+ members and people like you are just banned."

Cripes. So you ban anyone who disagrees with you? Let's all stay away from manicx's virtual online parties then, eh? It'd be like bringing your own bottle IN ORDER TO SLASH YOUR WRISTS.
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