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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
Still not what I want on my vanilla Amiga 500 or 1200.
sigh.. it isnt meant for vanilla amiga 500 or 1200.. what features do you need with your vanilla amiga to have enabled beyond what is there and what provides best compatibility for existing software?

well, i imagine, you might want, cross kickstart compatibility for applications, say between ks1.x and ks3.x. aros provides this at lest to some extent, which is an additional feature in comparison to original. but you might imagine that it comes at a cost. memory requirement in this case. you need 1.5mb ram to be able to boot without the s-s, 2 mb to use anything effectively.

aros is currently compiled for plain 68000 but it wont fully boot there according to my tests, suspectedly due to some 68020 asm inlines. it wouldnt make sense at this point anyway, but it actually even might be possible one day.

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