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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
it isnt exactly rocket science. i have aros booting on my amigas since years. i have even posted screenshots of different apps in usage, such as css browsers (amiga sdl netsurf and aros owb) on my a4000 once upon a time..
Wawa is right, I also don't understand all this hype.
AROS distribution is very good, and contrary of what you can think is compilation friendly.
Just for fun i've tried to make a ROM and the same day I had it working on my 68k WinUAE environment (with cygwin that is not even officially supported..).

As I have already written, AROS 68k is the future.
Apollo/Vampire can be part of this future (maybe not using this 'NG-AMIGA-OS' slogan , this is simply AROS in a 68k FPGA flavour).
And the last step can be an ASIC.

What drives-out olds Amiga users from using AROS is the slowness in real systems (and no, Apollo speed is not the key).
A possible solution is to rewrites the critical modules in asm (like OS3.x).
So you can have two pigeons with a bean: olds applications/games/demos in a fast environment and all the bells SAGA/RTG/USB/TCP_stack/AHI/blabla for the new users.
Far from all these copyright issues, in an open system.


ops..: two pigeons with a bean->two birds with one stone
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