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First off, if you did get another Amiga you wouldn't regret it. Your wallet might though as all the new expansions that are coming out and already out expand a Amiga beyond anyone's dreams of what was possible 20 year ago.
As for your transfer problem, most newer Amiga word processors support the RTF document format and can be exchanged with Windows/Mac/Linux software without problems, I use it myself and you wouldn't know the difference.
To transfer between machines you have several options, if using a A1200 the easiest way is to get a PCMCIA compact flash transfer kit, you can get these on ebay, or a complete ready to go kit is available at Amigakit here:
For other Amiga's like the A500/A2000 etc. your cheapest way is probably by getting a NULL modem cable and transferring between machines using the serial port.
The other option is, you could ask on here if someone is willing to do the task for you that already has all the required equipment. You will find no shortage of people willing to help.
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