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ressurecting Scribble files


Forgive any newbie errors but I have a 'holy grail' project that I'm trying to find/succeed

From 1989-92 I used an Amiga 500 to do all of my university work - and broadly used the Scribble word processor programme to do this. I still have my various discs of files and workbench etc but whilst I upgraded to a 1200 in about 93-94 for some reason or other I dont actually own an Amiga at the moment.

My elder brother does still have his Amiga 1200 somewhere and so my initial plan is to borrow this and load up the files and save them in a more generic format - ie ascii. The issue then is whether I could transfer these files to a modern platform (I use a Mac) and then read them into text editor or something like that.

its the transfer to a modern platform that is causing me some problems. Back in the day I did have a program called "Messy disc" or something like that which enabled me to write to PC 720k formatted discs. Theoretically I suppose this could work today and then I could read these discs via a USB A drive either into the Mac or into a windows 10 virtual machine. But I dont have messy disc and cant remember for the life of me how to use it even if I had - it was nearly 30 years ago...

On ebay I've seen people selling 1200s with compact flash hard drives and some sort of transfer mechanism to enable software downloaded on a PC to transfer data to this CF HD. Would this work in reverse? My brothers 1200 does have a CF hard drive IIRC. But I'm not sure what I would need to enable this to be read by a Mac or virtual PC.

I do have physical print outs of some of my work and I've tried scanning and OCR'ing the text but this is a less satisfying solution and is very time consuming. My inner nerd would prefer to access the original files.

I'm open to suggestions and comments. Ideally I'd like to avoid having to buy an Amiga as £250 or thereabouts for a recapped 1200 seems a bit much to indulge this rather odd request - although the chance of playing Elite and Frontier again might be my downfall!

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