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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
Just been reading the website of Hyperion and the links to the stipulated document (most notably; the attachment with the agreement).

As far as I can tell on this moment, Amiga Inc and etc held all the rights until 14th of december in 2009. On that moment, a settlement was made and Hyperion got a perpetual, royalty free and worldwide license to the code and objects. Note, they only got a license, not the rights themselves.

On the 11th of march, 2013, the rights were transferred to Cloanto (check my earlier link and open one of the kickstarts for example).

A license is just that, a license. So Hyperion doesn't own anything. It's somewhat the same as when you buy Windows, you don't own the product, you have the right to use it. Hyperion got these rights to the source code, so they could develop products.

To open source code, you need to be the owner of the copyrights. As far as I'm concerned on this moment, until any party involved (every reader in this forum as well) proves me wrong (with factual documents), Cloanto is the party that has these rights.
we cannot make any judgements without knowing the contracts... perhaps they do not own it but have a veto or at least think so. In any case Hyperion means trouble...
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