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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Mhmm...we had some problems with vbcc's optimizer. Generated code crashed the machine, while working fine when compiled with SAS (optimizer enabled, of course). Frank never got a sample of this, unfortunately, since the critical part ended up being rewritten in asm anyway.
One of the advantages of vbcc is that there is an official port which is still maintained. Frank is very good at responding to e-mails and trying to get bugs fixed but they have to be reported. Unfortunately, there are not enough developers and users reporting bugs on the 68k to have as professional of software as SAS/C was back when the Amiga was popular. Still, vbcc has other advantages including cross-compiling, better C99 support, easy install, etc. Yea, I know vbcc's 68k backend needs some TLC but there is a new version in the works which makes at least one optimization improvement. The SAS/C 68k backend doesn't generate that great of optimized code either.
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