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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
On this moment, I contacted Mike Batillana to get the promised demo-licenses. He hasn't responded up to now, but he's quite busy. I requested an update on the status. When I know more, I'll post this.
It is interesting that Cloanto, Hyperion and A-Eon don't say much about their business relationships and understandings. I still suspect A-Eon/Trevor would have obtained some share of ownership of Hyperion for bailing them out of bankruptcy (I would have demanded majority ownership). Trevor is friends with Michael Battilana but it appears Hyperion and Cloanto have had a minimal relationship but some kind of understanding from before the bailout. Even Amiga Inc. left Cloanto alone. Everyone wants to hold on to their intellectual assets like it was precious but they don't work together other than A-Eon and Hyperion, which A-Eon may now control. Strange.

Originally Posted by Trevor Dickinson
I also have a close business relationship with Michael Battilana of Cloanto srl and helped him fund later versions of “Amiga Forever”. Incidentally I also “blame” Michael for getting me involved in the Next-Generation Amiga business.
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