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haha you guys are strange (no offence) When was the first 060 card released ??? Thats a lot of years ago ..

And if you ask me it wasnt that expensive (when you think about the pc hardware that was out then, its not worth anything now, while you can get some for your old 060 card...)

Even if you buy a new 060 card, you can have it a couple of years and still get some money for it . (Thats great value if you ask me, not common with computers)

And MUI being shit, I still dont get your point .. If you ask me MUI is very important for the amiga, and was very important when it was released.. I used it several years on a blizzard 1200/030/50 crad (with no problem ...)

haha my 060 amiga is good for internet, chat, old games, gfx and just computing I love the speed of my 4000/060 (with MUI!) And its very stable, no crashes or anything

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