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Keyboard state when emulation is (un)paused

Some things I noticed relating to keys being pressed while pausing/unpausing emulation…

Boot a disk, press Ctrl-D to break to CLI.

• Hold down a key, e.g. T. See tttt... at the CLI prompt. Still holding down T, press Pause to pause emulation. Release T, then press Pause again to unpause. The Amiga thinks the key is still being held down so tttt... keeps appearing.

• Hold down T, press Pause. Still holding down T, press Pause again to unpause. tttt... keeps appearing, as it should since you're still holding down T. But now release T and the Amiga thinks the key is still being pressed.

• With no keys pressed, press Pause. Press and release some random letters. Press Pause again to resume. Keys pressed and released while paused aren't passed to the Amiga (which is correct). However, if instead of random keys you press Ctrl-lWin-rWin (or whatever key combination corresponds to Ctrl-lAmiga-rAmiga) when paused, emulation is unpaused and the Amiga resets. That's with no keyboard reset warning emulation. With keyboard reset warning emulation, pressing and releasing Ctrl-A-A while paused is recognised by the Amiga when you unpause. But if you press Ctrl-A-A twice while paused, emulation resumes and the Amiga resets on the second Ctrl-A-A press.
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