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Heya Toni,

Haven't been that active in testing the 3.4.1 betas so far, tonight I thought I better get more involved

...obviously I'm not about to test all 1690 games / configurations that I have in my WinUAE collection so thought I'd test my usual list of *difficult* games over the years that sometimes don't work when a new version is released:

A New Adventure - FaYoh 2 [AGA].uae
ACSYS - Autonomous Cybernetic System [AGA]   [unreleased] [demo].uae
After Burner (Activision).uae
After Burner (Sega).uae
Aladdin [AGA].uae
Alien Breed 3D [AGA].uae
Altered Beast.uae
Army Moves.uae
Disposable Hero.uae
G-LOC - R360 Air Battle.uae
Full Contact.uae
Hare Raising Havoc.uae
Line of Fire.uae
Roketz [AGA].uae
Moon Child [AGA]   [unreleased] [demo].uae
Second Samurai [AGA].uae
Trolls [AGA].uae
I'm happy to say that all is good

...except for "Moon Child [AGA]". Unfortunately the "OldMoonChild" part runs very slowly / jerky when compared with v3.3.0 or v3.4.0

I've uploaded the disks to The Zone! (use an "AGA - 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM" config) but do let me know what I need to provide you with in order to investigate further
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