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Originally posted by Kodoichi
I tend to disagree
WinFellow might lack AGA support, but it easily beats the overloaded and illogic GUI of WinUAE.
Maybe it is because I've used WinUAE so much, but I don't think the GUI is "illogic" at all. Of course I could do without many options included in the most recent releases (vid & aud output, opengl support).

I tend to use older releases because they're more stripped down and most importantly they run MUCH faster. The most recent release runs a little too slow on my already-a-little-too-slow computer (566 MHz + 64 MB mem). I guess a separate A500 executable was a good idea but I'd like 'a real one' without all those extra stuff as well...

And it's not just AGA support that WinFellow is lacking... WinUAE, especially with WHDload, is VERY compatible right now - WinFellow is not.
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