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@Macaw; did I mention that I'm bored tonight?

Ok, so have now created a package that you can extract and run from your hard drive. The following was done:

a) Copying all files from each disk.
b) Creating a script to setup all required assigns / copy files as detailed in "REGENT.HD" and then finally launch the game.
c) Adjusting the icon to run the above script.

So, all you need to do is extract to anywhere on your hard drive and you're good to go

You will need 3.1MB of free space on your hard drive to extract this game though...

Also, don't forget to print off clenched's manual protection codes otherwise you won't get far...

Note that the game doesn't like an AGA chipset so... you need to be using an ECS chipset.

Screenshots of the game running below:

I haven't tested thoroughly but all seems good...

Grab the file from The Zone! and enjoy
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