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The best way to verify a person for a regular site that is not in the financial business is a utility bill, it does state a name and address and if recent enough it should be proof enough. It isn't valid to open a paying account. If they ask for something, I would ask if they accept that.
No, any document that contains data that contains information which relates to an identified or identifiable individual is subject to data protection laws.

If you feel you MUST send such a document firstly only send it in grayscale and water mark it, also electronically erase any sensitive data.

I am curious to how these docs are actually verified as genuine though ? that is the big question I am puzzled about. How would they actually confirm the details are correct ?

Anyone could knock out a fake utility bill in 5 min, and unless they can verify the document it renders their "protection" as useless.

Unless they post a verification code to your address ? I don't know.

Anyways it's all too much trouble I think to join a site about 30 year old computers :/

I have owned every Amiga ever made except for the Towers

Sold most of them off, just kept a 500/1000/2000 and 4000... most used one is my Amiga ever made imho - awesome keyboard and my dream machine when I had my 500 !!, mostly used for a bit of old skool gaming ! / listening to mods. Personally I never understood all these new addons, if it wasn't on the market before Commodore went bust it doesn't go into my Amiga lol

Anyways I'm going off topic !
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