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Ok, I'm a bit bored at the moment so took a quick look (even though this is a game that I will never play considering I don't understand German).

With both versions I could watch the intro.

With "V1.1 (7 disks)"; I can start / play the game as you type in anything at the code protection screen, it's cracked

With "V2.0 (4 disks)"; I can start the game but as it's not cracked you need to enter in the correct text...

No manual on HOL so cannot get further

As for installing to hard drive:

a) With "V1.1", only the first disk is Non-DOS so can be viewed. There is no installer on this disk and obviously you cannot view / copy anything off the other disks (without coding knowledge).

b) With "V2.0", all disks are Non-DOS so can be viewed. Again though, there is no installer on any disks. I guess you could try copying everything off all disks to a folder and then making assigns but without the manual or the main executable being cracked you won't get past the code protection screen...

Are there no WHDLoad versions of this game?
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