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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Damiano happens it also if you mount the CD from AmigaOS in my video test i used AsimCDFS Filesystem
Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I do not have understand well, If with Daemon Tools does not work CD checks setup on WinUAE the right volume letter CD

Tested Daemon Tools and I find no difference behavior track audio in operation with mounting WinuAE or mounting AmigaOS
I think you're missing the point here AMIGASYSTEM.

With my "T-zer0 AmigaCD HDF & CD-ROM.rar" package you don't actually need to have "CDFS automount CD/DVD drives" selected so the CD isn't mounted in AmigaOS. The game will run with audio tracks if you have either of the following set:

a) image selected via WinUAE's image mounter.
b) image mounted via Daemon Tools and then pointing that virtual drive letter.

The problem is this (which also occurs when playing the game directly from the original CD-ROM without even installing).

If the image is mounted via WinUAE's image mounter; sometimes the 1st audio track will start playing at this screen when it shouldn't:

If the image is mounted via Daemon Tools, the first audio track never starts playing at this screen.

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