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Most of these don't have much effect unless program is doing stupid things. (or if program is some kind of hardware info program or similar)

CIA ROM Overlay = CIA IO bit controls ROM overlay (non-Gayle Amigas). Gayle does it internally when first CIA access is done. (and in CD32 overlay CIA bit is CD audio mute)

ROM Mirror = KS ROM is mirrored in 0xE00000 region (like most Amigas do, one exception is A1000)

KB Reset Warning = Keyboard controller supports "reset warning" = software can detect keyboard reset and has max 10 seconds to do cleanups before reset is forced. (A500 does not have it, most big box Amigas support it)

Custom register byte write bug = normally byte write to custom register writes same value to upper and lower byte. Some 68040/060 boards (for example 68040/060 Blizzard) write correct byte value to even address but zero to odd address. This is common whdload slave fix. (byte write to volume register = always writes zero)

DF0: ID HARDWARE = DF0: returns drive type ID. Mainly supported in big box Amigas. As usual, no support in A500. External drives always have ID support. If ID is not supported, drive type read returns "no drive" ID.
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