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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
I really want to get on it as there are parts listed I want to buy now and I've got the cash in my hand but i cannot for the life of me get registered.

I too got banned yesterday after trying to register quickly and not correctly filling in the location part of the registration. I later corrected this in an e-mail to admin stating I'm in Northern Ireland but they just replied saying that doesn't match. I registered from my PC in work (which apparently isn't allows) and also used my virginmedia web mail for conversion with admin (also not allowed).

I can only assume they are looking at my works IP which for whatever reason with plusnet shows us located in England somewhere. They have now asked for physical proof of my location in terms of a bank statement or bill head but, and with no offence to anyone, that's way over and above what I think is reasonable. It seems to be a case of guilty until you prove your innocence.

I suppose I could drive to a Northern Ireland landmark and take a picture of myself holding my amigas.....
Yeah I am from NI too, exact same thing happened me, my IP was showing up as Scotland, I also said so in an email.

Never got a reply, and I am not going to beg to join any site !

However I definitely would NOT recommend giving a bank statement !!

There are VERY STRICT rules in how that is stored and secured (I work in IT and manage Financial Services Data) they should not be even asking for that !

I certainly would not be emailing my bank statements to Joe Bloggs.

I would be curious to know how they secure and process and more importantly verify that data..........Any AmiBay admins care to enlighten me ?

PS As for buying parts, I just use Ebay, it's Global and you have protection, as for Ebay prices - if you ever sell it you get back pretty much what you paid for it. I personally don't mind paying extra on Ebay as opposed to a gift to some stranger tbh

Just my $0.02
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