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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
Hazy memory, but I think some of the Jeff Minter games did.
It's funny, because you said "most games", so your memory has to be VERY hazy not to remember a single one.

My point is: your memory isn't hazy, MOST if any games used any kind of stereo effects, because channels are very limited and using stuff like panning is a waste.
So yeah, don't get absorbed by rose-tinted glasses nostalgia, the "Stereo" capability of the Amiga is way overstated, and listening with headphones was an exercise in masochism. Even with a stereo system it was so annoying, that I resorted to listen to the Amiga in mono because of this.

The system was meant to be used with the shitty Amiga monitor speakers, where the monitor's case worked as some kind of channel "blender", and made the terrible separation bearable.

I'll give you ONE example of a game using stereo though: Stardust is the one and only game where a stereo effect was used to good effect on its intro, when the spaceship comes up. Nothing else did (and especially NOT in game, more if you are trying to juggle music and sfx at the same time). I have this very vivid memory (not hazy ) of freaking out because it was the first time I ever heard something in real stereo in a game.
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