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The 500 was revolutionary, and at the time there was nothing that could touch it for power - from hardware, or OS perspective, or hackability and sheer elegance of operation. I do look at the original Amiga design and still think it is outstandingly efficient, and an incredibly elegant approach. There's so many beautiful optimisations wherever you look in the design. It is a masterpiece. I'm gushing a bit here, but the deeper you go into it the more efficiency you see.

I remember seeing Juggler and the impact that had on me. This was absolutely astonishing for a home computer.

The 1200 was an evolution, too little, too late, and only just caught up with what was available elsewhere. Too many ugly kludges to try and retain compatibility with OCS whilst trying to compete in the marketplace in which OCS was not relevant. No revision to Paula.

No real innovation, just the same stuff faster and a bit more colourful. It was definitely a product of Commodore R&D. (Yes, I know the 500 was, but the genius was the chipset which was largely the same as the 1k, just cost reduced)
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