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After doing the ClassicWB installs I agree with Akira that I like minimum hacks and resource waste. ClassicWB is about as efficient, low resource and hackless you can get without compromising on features. I also didn't want to install MUI until I realised ScalOS required either it or Classact. After going with MUI to allow ScalOS, I haven't looked back.

MUI can work fast and be non-bloat or intrusive if used carefully in combination with ScalOS. The ClassicWB has MUI installed for compatibility with applications, ScalOS requirements and those applications using it work fast enough on my 020 14Mhz. The ScalOS run workbench looks and feels very close to the original without any appreciable slowdown even though many ScalOS windows use MUI features, admittedly sparingly.

ScalOS aside, most of the time MUI isn't even used - its libs are only accessed when required so you only lose compatibility by not having it installed. It won't make any difference to the speed of normal workbench programs or workbench itself.

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