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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
FPGA technology and mass production of affordable hardware I believe are the keys to the Amiga survival.
Definitely. The Vampire / Apollo project are galloping towards an Amiga-on-a-chip, but not just recreating the old hardware; they're developing new features. Whether they're doing it right seems to be a matter of some debate, but they are doing it. It must be possible for others. Open sourcing the Apollo core and associated custom chip enhancements, or an equivalent M68k hardware design, is as critical as for software.

With a bigger / faster FPGA it isn't outlandish to consider a multi core, gigahertz class M68k implementation in the near future. That might actually have enough poke to challenge low end ARM devices (though not on cost).

Modern FPGAs and VHDL are making open source chip design a reality.
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