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Huge thanks to the Black Magic guys for this super awesome gift to the community!

Gloom is probably the most popular fps shooter for the Amiga and for a damn good reason! It plays fast and looks cool even in unexpanded machines. The mix of compromises that it offers, specs and design vs performance and gameplay is -imho- ideal and renders this engine a serious contester amongst others.

Testament to this is also the fact that the game is the only Amiga fps that has seen a cool amount of mods over the last years (like the very nice '8-bit killer' and 'Death mask' mods or Nitta's crazy and super creative experiments). Now that the scource is out in the open an additional window of opportunity arises for the engine (and perhaps the editor as well) to be expanded & further optimised.

One thing for sure is that there is great potencial here. In it's heart, Gloom is a Wolfenstein clone but much more advanced and visually compelling. Multidirectional walls, triggers and moving parts allow for interesting and non linear map design. At the same time the engine supports a sufficient amount of enemies, projectiles and particle like effects to create havok on screen.

What the game lacks (and this is possibly by design and not due to some performance compromise) is a good arsenal and some extra options for in-game interactions (this would widen signifficantly the gameplay possibilities). The engine is definitely capable for something similar to this f.e. : [ Show youtube player ]

Any takers?
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