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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Just use SAS/C/Codeprobe and forget about gdb
i knew i will get useless answers. :P
thats not an option for me on aros. a lot of components need different contemporary features, gcc4 or 5+, odyssey needs stuff like c++11.

amiga entusiasts complain about lack of updated system, new features and new software..

if amiga, and i mean 68k is to take advantage of cross platform developments, not only from linux but also whats openly available among the widely understood amiga(ng) scene, one needs to accept common standards. and that is gcc toolchain whether we like it or not.

one can use sas/c if
1. one got hold of it at all
2. compiles directly on amiga
3. an own project (ported code would likely cause more issues alone with the compiler than with amiga-m68k gcc backend, not to talk of further tools, dependencies and build system demands)
4. a small project (otherwise on amiga compile time and necessary memory is a limit)

advantages of gdb usage along with winuae are obvious i think, i knew people got it to work, but the one i knew, jason, has quit..

imho, we need to establish kind of workflow that allows more people to work on stuff and contribute. and debugging 68k is an open problem here. im really tired of putting debug statements and breakpoints all over the code. it is error prone, tiresome and extremely time consuming.

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