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So, it's not the CIA's - I have replaced them both. It's not Paula - that was a long shot anyway but since it was slightly related to sound I tried another.

If I enable MMU in WHDLoad then the demo plays 99% correct, there is just one small bit that speeds up.

What is curious is that I know someone else with the same machine (GB-A1000), the same OS (CWBADVSP 3.1) and the same CPU / FPU (68030RC50 / 68882) and he does not need to set the MMU option for it to play at the correct speed all the way through.

All I can wonder is if there is a small difference in our CPU or something.

Obviously in terms of playing the demo I'm happy with that now. The reason that I am being a bit fussy about it is because I want to be sure that I have a good base hardware before going ahead and spending a good amount of money on building the 68060 accelerator card and graphics card. I want to make sure my system is as stable as it can be first.
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