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Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
Yes, crack works ok.
But... there's lack of second button (for nuclear blast). Can You add this feature?
This is something you can request for the WHDLoad patch that Psygore made. I have "just" cracked the binary and have no plans the enhance the game.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
It would be very cool indeed if you had the time to (and I know you're extremely busy):

a) Adjust your trainer for use with this v1.01 executable; I image not a simple job at all.
Not going to happen. I made the trainer almost 20 years ago and have no motivation to update it for another version of the game which doesn't add any new major features anyway. Sorry.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
b) Patch the updated v1.01 executable to skip the manual code protection.
Not a problem, will do it in the next days.
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