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Hmmm, this is a very long shot as I know it would require a lot of work... but if you don't ask...

@StingRay, I'm sure you're aware of the update from v1.0 to v1.01 ( CD Audio patch ):
This update should fix the CD Audio problem with IDE-fix controlled 
CD-Rom drives, so you should be able to enjoy the cool T-zer0 
I've applied this patch and tested. Yup, obviously your trainer doesn't work with this as it's a different executable... Of course it's not cracked either so still requires code protection input.

It would be very cool indeed if you had the time to (and I know you're extremely busy):

a) Adjust your trainer for use with this v1.01 executable; I image not a simple job at all.

b) Patch the updated v1.01 executable to skip the manual code protection.

This would enable me to make a .HDF (like I did with Land of Genesis [AGA / AmigaCD]) that has audio tracks being played along with your awesome trainer / crack

Again, I know it's a lot of work so tell me where to go and I'm ok with this
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