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Originally Posted by Amiga600XT View Post
In fairness I don't think saying things like "Normally I don't get involved with idiots that bash AmiBay" and "Sadly Haters are going to hate" contributes anything positive to the discussion tbh.

Also I think people who relate their own (negative) experiences is not bashing as long as they are factual and not embellished !

There are a lot of Amiga sites out there and the Amiga means different things to different people, so I say just "shop around" until you find one you are comfortable with as they all have different "vibes" or whatever you want to call it.

The biggest problem I see is that some people tend to sell there gear at certain sites, that block people because they don't get their algorithms right (even though they really hope to do good and this is even appreciable). This is in my humble opinion at the very least hurting the community as a whole. Because a site is simply advertising to be good, trying to do good, but actually keeping people out that are honest. (And the Netherlands appears to be a big problem for the algorithms of amibay, as I know of a dozen people in our small community that experience the same problems).
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