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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Based my talks with Matthew (not you, the A-EON one ) during Prisma driver development I see only one explanation: There is a lack of skilled developers in the classic area, who have the time or will to participate in Amiga development. My main job is not programming, so it took me more than three years to dive (back) deeply enough into C, Asm and AmigaOS to achieve anything useful - but I would never describe myself as a skilled developer.
The classic "68k" Amiga is not much different than other computers when programming in C. There are problems like lack of modern and maintained development tools and incompatibility with other AmigaOS (4, AROS, MorphOS) APIs. The latter could be improved with continued 68k AmigaOS development and backporting some of AmigaOS 4 if A-Eon was serious about the classic. I believe this would have a motivational effect on 68k development as well. The big game changer which would bring back 68k development and support would be affordable mass produced 68k hardware though (there are investors under the right conditions).

There are skilled Amiga developers who like or prefer the classic. For 68k AmigaOS development I would try to get Olaf Barthel, ThoR, Toni Wilen, Jason McMullan and Frank Wille. I probably left out some good developers but these guys have strong development skills and a deep understanding of parts of the AmigaOS. They would be a huge asset even if part time contributors. There are many developers who could be contributors and used in a support role.

Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Most of us have full-time jobs anyway and sacrificing spare time typically results in either asking for a lot of money or doing it for free.
Yes, skilled labor is expensive. There are ways to deal with this problem though. In the end, developers would probably have to make some sacrifices and accept some risk too. This is why it is important to have a complete game plan to bring the 68k Amiga back to profitability again. I certainly have holes in my developer skills but I surprise people and I'm innovative. I'm willing to sacrifice to bring the Amiga back. I just need commitment, a serious game plan (I have good ideas) and ethical reasonable people to work with.
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