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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
It may be that the classic Amiga has just been a low priority. Bringing back this market is more difficult as the existing hardware is old and slow but this is where I see the most potential. FPGA technology and mass production of affordable hardware I believe are the keys to the Amiga survival. Investment money and business partners are likely available to help under the right conditions. Perhaps we will see if A-Eon is getting any smarter soon.
Based my talks with Matthew (not you, the A-EON one ) during Prisma driver development I see only one explanation: There is a lack of skilled developers in the classic area, who have the time or will to participate in Amiga development. My main job is not programming, so it took me more than three years to dive (back) deeply enough into C, Asm and AmigaOS to achieve anything useful - but I would never describe myself as a skilled developer.

Most of us have full-time jobs anyway and sacrificing spare time typically results in either asking for a lot of money or doing it for free.

Now what you get for free is jabbering in forums mostly, isn't it? Accompanied by phrases like "when I was a developer, I would...". Is there an acronym for "Shut up and learn"?
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