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Yes, some may be idiots, but it also appears that there are many people who have legitimate issues trying to register there. If their geolocation routines aren't up to the task (as seems to be the case sometimes), it shouldn't be used as an automatic rule. For example, I tend to show up on most sites as located in Yorkshire, when in fact I live in Glasgow, due to the fact that I have Google's location services turned off and so the routines fall back to my IP address, and hence my ISP's offices. Having to jump through extra hoops because of this common situation is one of the reasons I haven't bothered even trying to register. To be honest, any sort of address verification with liberal banning would put me off any website, especially when it's practically worthless. Ok, so I've verified that I live in London? Excellent, surely I can't commit fraud and hide amongst the 12 million other Londeners then.
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