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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Ah great, just what we need, more companies.

Wake me up when this round of disappointment is over and you guys are ready to demand community ownership and control of your software.
I hope your points have not been ignored. Certainly putting software under tight lock and key is not conducive to development or licensing in this day and age. Technology changes quickly and limiting access to this resource reduces development. The AmigaOS has fallen far enough behind modern that it needs as much development as possible and a policy with more open sources could allow faster development with less cost. You have also shown that there is investment money willing to be invested in the Amiga which has largely been ignored so far. Finally, poor PR and ignoring large parts of the Amiga community has soiled the reputations of several businesses which likely results in significant loss of sales and a reduced market size.

This is far from over too. The ship is still sinking. The businesses involved have made mistakes and there have been unsuccessful plans. There is a new plan in the works and it would probably be prudent to wait and see what it is. After all, we have already waited and wasted two decades for an Amiga rebirth so what is two more weeks?

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
Yeah, it's not something I agree with either. I haven't seen much from A-Eon for the classic community and I don't think they're the best in our interests.
A-Eon has the Prisma Megamix music card for the classic Amiga. Trevor and Matthew both own and use classic Amigas too. It may be that the classic Amiga has just been a low priority. Bringing back this market is more difficult as the existing hardware is old and slow but this is where I see the most potential. FPGA technology and mass production of affordable hardware I believe are the keys to the Amiga survival. Investment money and business partners are likely available to help under the right conditions. Perhaps we will see if A-Eon is getting any smarter soon.
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