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Amibay still has registration issues.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I have to admit, its the first time on line I have been called a racist on eab.

I doubt what ever anyone says - using logic like that - there will be no convincing you otherwise.

My apologies if you have taken an offence, it is meant as looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar and some what of an alien idea when you suggest that AmiBay staff and administrators would either willing or unwittingly commit fraud, when in fact they do there up most to stop that from happening.

Its a shame you cannot see that.

It wasn't offending you called it outlandish, me calling you racist a joke to make it a little lighter (hence the [emoji6]).

On September the 2nd 2015 20:56 I created an account on amibay. I got a nice email telling me I had to click a link to activate the account. I did so instantly, and was banned immediately. I got an email:

---- begin ----
Dear michaelz,

Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with your registration details, therefore it has not been possible to activate your Forum account. If you believe that this is an error, or you need some assistance with registration, please contact with a brief message and we will be in touch.


AmiBay Administration
---- end ----

I replied to that email;

----- begin -----

Can you spare me some details on the why so I can correct this?


Michael Z.
---- end -----

I send an email on the third as well, same message.

On the 24th of October 2015 I once again send an email. Still waiting for a reply on any of these.

So to me, an active amibay admin that thinks I am worthy of their site is apparently a myth. And I'm not the only one in the Netherlands. I heard several people had trouble creating and activating accounts. The stories are likewise, banned from the start and email are never responded to.

Until the registration is fixed there is no "wow what is this great, these guys really have the communities (my) best interests in mind" from me.

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