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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Normally I don't get involved with idiots that bash AmiBay, but I do tire of some of the most outlandish statements against its community and staff!

Some of the snide and absolutely laudable comments in this thread show more about ones interaction with the community in general - All the AmiBay staff want to do is to do the very best of their ability ensure no one gets scammed.

Over the last 10 years of AmiBay, there have been some nefarious types trying to rip people off - this happens everywhere there is money, Craigs list, eBay, Gumtree to name just a few.

AmiBay has had some scammers as well, but these are caught (including some trying to sell high-profile high priced software which were copies or hardware that never materialize) AmiBay Staff work in the back ground as best it can to get peoples money back from scammers including working with "Interpol" on one occasion.

Of course you could just slap up a "caveat emptor" buyer-beware - but this is NOT how a community works, AmiBay cherishes its members - it exists because of them - so when one person gets ripped off - we all do.

So if there are a couple of extra hoops to negotiate to sign up, thats in YOUR benefit.

No one is asking for life details here, just a couple of questions in the rare instance something looks hinky, suspect on signup.

This is utter tripe and only tries to allude AmiBay staff as stealing your credentials to commit fraud - wittingly or otherwise - this a contentious libellous statement!

Too bad? for whom? AmiBay has over 18,000 accounts with over 3,300 active members every month.

That's a lot of work for non-paid individuals to ensure everyone is playing by the rules and its fair - if you ask me its a testament to the commitment of the members of AmiBay

Since we are on about what you term as obscure rules - well they are published in multiple colours right on the forum. You have to read them before signing up as at the end of the day AmiBay is a site primarily for the transaction of money and goods between members - from all over the world. It is from the back end of this it has become (atleast for me) one of the most dedicated, friendly and delightful community on the internet.

Sadly Haters are going to hate - not I or anyone else can stop that, but I do hope you pause for thought and ask yourself if you could do better, and HOW you could do better for ALL members and not just yourself.

As long as I can register, be blocked instantly, never get a response to honest inquiry's why and apparently not worth the interest, as think everything I wrote is true. Amibay might have high standards, but as long as it is also keeping out honest people, it's a casino that makes it door policy to tough. I don't hate amibay for no apparent reason, I don't like them because they apparently hate me.
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