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Originally Posted by Amiga600XT View Post
And there is NO WAY I would be handing over any "Proof of my address" to an unknown person(s) they comply with the data protection act ? - what happens your "proof" ? does it sit in someones inbox ??? - could it be used for illegal purposes ? - that would be a big NO for me.

There are plenty of other good sites out there, no big loss imho.

I fully agree on both points. Before you know it you have a maxed out credit card on your address. Maybe not because the Amibay admins are that bad, but because their email got hacked for example.

Too bad some people see it as the only way to sell their hardware. Because some of the real nice collector items are already hard to come by, closed up behind a forum with obscure rules about who can enter and who not based on false assumptions makes collecting some stuff quite hard.
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