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What? You got an explaination why they banned you? I registered about two years ago, e-mailed a few times and still don't know anything. I thought amibay admins were a myth
Yeah I tried to join 4 years ago and I think my ISP (BT) were showing my location as somewhere in Scotland ! and I don't even live in Scotland lol !! I stated as much to them in an email (And no VPN was used either btw)

I got the instant ban upon registration stuff...and I suspect it was because my ISP location compared to my address (IP Geolocation is not reliable btw)

I emailed them several times and never received a reply, personally I would not go onto another forum and beg for membership.

And there is NO WAY I would be handing over any "Proof of my address" to an unknown person(s) they comply with the data protection act ? - what happens your "proof" ? does it sit in someones inbox ??? - could it be used for illegal purposes ? - that would be a big NO for me.

There are plenty of other good sites out there, no big loss imho.
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