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Ah yes. But the point about clipping to a rect which doesn't include the taskbar still applies.
void updatemouseclip (void)
    if (showcursor) {
        amigawinclip_rect = amigawin_rect;
        if (!ClipCursor (&amigawinclip_rect))
            write_log(_T("ClipCursor error %d\n"), GetLastError());
amigawinclip_rect will (I assume?) include part of the taskbar when the emulation window is partly off the bottom of the desktop. And what is ClipCursor(NULL) for?

Edit to add: When WinUAE is using raw input (i.e. not Windows Mouse), could you just clip the cursor to a 1-pixel rect and not bother with "warping" it to the centre of the window, since you don't care about WM_MOUSEMOVE then.

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