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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
I agree completely that Warp3D should have been done for Radeon 9200 in OS 3.9.

There are a few PCI Gfx cards you can still buy new of course drivers are still a problem. Maybe some day we'll get something even better than a Radeon 9200 on OS 3.9.
Matthew@A-Eon was looking for someone to create a Radeon W3D driver for AmigaOS 3. Only developers with existing understanding and experience with this GPU architecture could do it in a reasonable amount of time and the pay would likely be low as only a few hundred 68k AmigaOS 3 users would buy it. A better solution may be to backport AmigaOS 4 drivers for more modern cards to AmigaOS 3 but that may require AmigaOS 3 development and perhaps new gfx card bridge hardware. It looks like Matthew has already created a new Amiga Technologies software company.

Jens is also working with Hyperion on some kind of unannounced project after purchasing P96 with Hyperion. Hyperion seems to have plenty of money ever since their close call with bankruptcy when A-Eon acquired several of their software products. Hmm. Let's wait 2 more weeks and see what happens.
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