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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
No Damiano It also happens with WB 3.1 if you run scripts "Usecdlibs" and you have it rtgmaster.library in the Libs directory, see screenshot (WB 3.1 and WB 3.9).
Doesn't for me or others who have tested on WB 3.1 for some reason AMIGASYSTEM.

Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
Thanks guys!
DamienD, I'll test your new version as soon as possible!
...was a bit drunk last night when posting so wasn't really thinking straight

All you should need to do is either:

a) Go into "/Genetics/Libs" and delete any RTG stuff (see screenshot, left panel).


b) Edit "Engine" & "Genetics" and put ; in from to the line for "Usecdlibs" (see screenshot, right panel)

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