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Hmmm, just read Ironclaw's comment in the YouTube video from the 23rd of February 2012...

This is a game I would have recorded years ago if it could be emulated perfectly in WinUAE, which to this day it can't. So, enough waiting.

The game has interlace problems when something moves or is updated, which I've managed to fix, but at a cost. The method that fixes the interlace causes the stuff on the screen to jump back and forth a bit when the screen scrolls, and on the train level (when running on the roof) there is no background (which I think there should be). If I didn't remove the interlace, the scrolling would be smooth and glitch-free (and the train background would probably show). But I rather have no interlace than smooth scrolling, as the interlace problem would be constant everywhere compared to the occasional scrolling.
This is similar to my issue; I also figured out that it had something to do with "interlace".

I found, if I ticked "Remove interlace artifacts" then all is good from what I've played / tested in actual gameplay

...except; with this option ticked the text on the first "selection" screen is dodgy when moving the mouse and the characters shown taking photos when starting a new game "blink".

Gonna need master Toni's help with this really

People who can actually install / play this on a real Amiga; please firstly watch both videos in the post above and let us know if you also suffer from the same problems as my video.
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